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Readers Respond: How Do You Stay Motivated as an Online Student?

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From the article: 5 Ways to Stay Motivated
Self-discipline is an essential characteristic of online college students. But, not everyone is able to stay on track without the face-to-face motivation offered in a traditional college setting. How do you stick to your studies as an online college student? Share your tips and see what other students have to say.


Always participate in discussion giving your opinion or reply to others opinion so that you engage yourself as you do in FB.
—Guest Roop Pradhan

Finish What You Start

It was hard with my two year program at first. I used a few different motivations- I like to learn, I need the challenge, and I look at my progress - I am almost done now, and that it my motivation. I only have three classes left, and two classes will be when I start my student teaching. My motivation now- finish what you start.
—Guest Amy

Focus on the Challenge

I realized it was a challenge and that challenge is what motivates me. I am a former basketball player and facing new challenges has been part of my career. I'm really enjoying it.
—Guest Vania Hernandes

Don't Let Yourself Fall Behind

I stay motivated for classes by doing keeping up with assignments and reading the lessons thoroughly.
—Guest Cindy Reno

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