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Readers Respond: What is a Typical Day Like for an Online High School Student?

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How do online high school students spend their time? See what these teens have to say or share your own online high school experience. Describe Your Day

Fly through Classes

The best part about online school is that you can go your own pace. If you get your work done early, you go to your next class.
—Guest Dakota

Biology in Pajamas

I like being able to do what I want when I want, to an extent. If I get frustrated I have the freedom to get up and walk away for a while. It's also nice to be able to work in my pjs ; )
—Guest Kim P.

Long but fulfilling

I love taking classes online way better than when I had to go to school. I get to sleep in until 10. I have to log in to the school system everyday, but I can pretty much take however long I want with my assignments. I hated having to wait for everyone to catch up in regular classes! Math is kind of hard without a teacher though. Then I do a ton of stuff on my own like volunteering with kids and learning how to cook!
—Guest CC

Boring until 3:00 pm

Mostly my day is boring until my friends get out of school. My parents said that online high school would be "harder" but it really only takes me a couple hours in the morning to do my work. Then I read stuff online until my friends get out of school.
—Guest Charlie C.

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What is a Typical Day Like for an Online High School Student?

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