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Readers Respond: What is a Typical Day Like for an Online High School Student?

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How do online high school students spend their time? See what these teens have to say or share your own online high school experience.

Biology in Pajamas

I like being able to do what I want when I want, to an extent. If I get frustrated I have the freedom to get up and walk away for a while. It's also nice to be able to work in my pjs ; )
—Guest Kim P.

Long but fulfilling

I love taking classes online way better than when I had to go to school. I get to sleep in until 10. I have to log in to the school system everyday, but I can pretty much take however long I want with my assignments. I hated having to wait for everyone to catch up in regular classes! Math is kind of hard without a teacher though. Then I do a ton of stuff on my own like volunteering with kids and learning how to cook!
—Guest CC

Boring until 3:00 pm

Mostly my day is boring until my friends get out of school. My parents said that online high school would be "harder" but it really only takes me a couple hours in the morning to do my work. Then I read stuff online until my friends get out of school.
—Guest Charlie C.

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